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“I learned so many great things that I will carry on for the rest of my life. So I do very much highly recommend this. He’s putting it in such a good, positive way that is not sexist, or misogynistic or toxic masculine.”
Kevin Kreider (Netflix’s Bling Empire)

“I like JT’s philosophy because it just is more honest and ethical. I’ve been doing approaches on my own for a long time and been watching videos and the videos alone completely increased my success rate. Are JT’s methods effective? They’re absolutely effective, but not only for Asian dudes. This is totally good for any kind of dude no matter what your race.”
Eliot Chang (HBO, Comedy Central)

“I had my doubts. I was hesitant. I did not know what to expect. There were other programs out there. I had questions that filled my head…. JT’s was very in depth. A lot of information. He has all the tactics but he is brutally honest with you. But thank you for speeding that process up and the hope that others have done it before me.”
Daniel Hyun (U.S.A.F. Captain)

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  • Weekly Confidence Building Lessons
  • Drills To Build Up Your Conversational Skill
  • Step-By-Step Live Demonstration Videos
  • How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value
  • Quizzes That Test Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Homework to Hardwire Social Skills Permanently
  • Learn the ABCDEF System for Dating Success!

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  • BONUS 1: Discord Group
  • BONUS 2: Leaderboard and Prizes
  • BONUS 3: Monthly Live AMAs with Coaches
  • BONUS 4: Post-Dating Advice On Marriage And Kids
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What's In the Academy?

Weekly instructional videos, drills, and tests to improve your dating skills.

Where Do I Access the Academy?

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an email with your account login information that you can privately access on your laptop or phone. Check your spam filter otherwise you can also email us at Academy AT abcofattraction DOT com.

Is This The Same As A Bootcamp?

NO. And a little Yes. You’ll still learn the entire ABCDEF System and more! But nothing beats the live training provided by an actual coach who can diagnose your challenges and provide you with personalized solutions. For in person, personalized coaching – Bootcamp Information HERE

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

At anytime, you can access your Stripe account with which you made your first payment and cancel your monthly subscription. Or you can email us at Academy AT abcofattraction DOT com with the Subject Line, “Please Cancel My Academy Subscription.” And we’ll cancel it right away.

Academy Testimonial - William and wife 02


William Lee (Now Married, Father of Two, New York City)

“By following the ABCs of Attraction principles and lessons I eventually found a girl that I had an instant attraction with, and was able to have an awesome dating adventure, relationship, engagement, and now, a loving marriage with.”