About Me

How I Went From The Nerdy
Rocket Scientist To The #1 Asian Dating Coach For Men

My name is JT Tran and I was voted USA’s #1 Asian Dating Coach.

For over a decade, I’ve taught thousands of men (mostly Asian, although I still have extensive experience teaching men from all different races) on how to improve men’s confidence, social skills and emotional intelligence so they can control their dating destiny and attract quality women into their lives.

I’ve also taught men of all different ages. I’ve taught men who were disabled or had autism. I’ve taught men who were unable to speak a word of English. I’ve helped men who were 40 year old virgins attract beautiful women obsessed with them within days.

The type of women who would make most men weak in the knees.

I’ve also helped guys who were unattractive by convention Eurocentric standards (i.e. short, wore glasses, were timid) meet, attract and date 6 foot tall blondes in the club, svelte African American ladies, and amazingly caring, family oriented Latinas.

The type of women who get approached left, right and center by rich, handsome, athletic, and high status men. But yet, it was my students who successfully approached and charmed the woman.

I’ve even helped physically disabled men attract women on the street with ease and do something 99% of men would never dare to do. And countless others.

So even if you think all the cards are stacked against you. Even if you think you’re unattractive by conventional means (like bald, older, too thin, or too fat)…

Even if you don’t have the best job and don’t make a ton of money…

Even if you have disabilities like having autism…

Even if you’re worried about your race…

Even if you don’t speak a word of English…

Whatever disadvantage, challenge or weakness, you can still out game, out think, and BE BETTER.

If thousands of my students who seemingly had every unattractive trait and had nothing going on for them, were able to attract beautiful women with effortless ease, then you absolutely can do it as well.

Chances are, many of my students were worse off than you, so that should encourage you to want to get better with women. And be the type of man that women chase after.

Women are desperately searching for a man like that in an age of Eurocentric toxic masculinity that can rise to the challenge and not only meet it, but surpass the mark with the kind of ease that puts other men in awe.


And just to prove I’m not some guru barking orders from
the top of a mountain, here’s my story:

I come from a Vietnamese immigrant family who came to Dallas, Texas after the Viet Nam/American War. For those who don’t know, Dallas, Texas is a very “Southern” city and for many years, I was harassed by racists for being Asian. (Sidenote, yes. Believe it or not, Asians do exist in Texas).

And through many years of being bullied. Being called ching-chong, chink, and gook. Being called Bruce Lee. Being called nerdy, gay and worse, all the terms you can think of associated with Asian men, it took a huge hit on my self-esteem.

I started to think and believe no women liked me. In fact, not even Asian women wanted me (If you’re an Asian man, you know exactly what I’m talking about). But it didn’t stop there.

By western standards, I’m was/am unattractive by conventional standards. I was short (5 foot, 5 inches), thin, had the bowl cut and I was a painfully quiet, awkward and shy Asian teenage boy.

High school was hell and lonely. I was the type of loser who went to prom by himself because he didn’t have the courage to ask a girl out and no teen girl would have even thought of asking an unattractive Asian teen boy like me out.

So it was with great relief that I went off to college, at the pressure of my own Tiger Mom, to study aerospace engineering (Besides being a doctor, does it get any more Asian than that?).

But wait! There’s more.

I was a late bloomer and I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 20 years old!

Any my first college girlfriend chose me by accident. I didn’t know anything about attraction. I didn’t know how to communicate in a way that would captivate a woman’s interest. I didn’t know any of the stuff I know now.

It was just pure luck that, this cute blonde girl, decided she liked me.

Looking back at it now, I can identify what I did right based on psychological principles I would learn in the future. But at the time I had no control and no clue as to how I got a girlfriend.

And I wouldn’t be able to replicate it in the future until I decided to take control of my romantic destiny and educate myself with dating education.

In fact, after graduating college and becoming a literal rocket scientist launching NASA and US Air Force spacecraft, I would try my hand at dating.

But it was only on paper that I thought I would be a great boyfriend: I had a luxury car, lived near the beach, and made great money. Unfortunately, being a “paper boyfriend” isn’t the same as actually being an experienced, confident man and therefore a truly great boyfriend.

In fact, did you know I was kicked off of eHarmony (For those who don’t know, eHarmony is an online dating platform) because I took a personality test and it revealed I was too cerebral and analytical?

They couldn’t find any matches for me so they refunded my membership.

For many years, I wanted to rip my hair out becauseI tried everything in dating and failed miserably.

Everyday, I would research “How to get better with women” and was fed corny pickup lines. Or received super surface-level advice like just be yourself. Or just be confident. Or all you needed was “Inner Game” or that you could “Out Alpha” it.

What the hell does that even mean?

Or worse, the Asian American community failed Asian men like me because all they did was blame “the media.” Sure, Hollywood furthers stereotypes, but the AA community didn’t provide any kind of solution. It was a victim mentality of blaming everyone else, except take action and responsibility in changing their own life.

The pickup community failed me. The mainstream dating community failed me. And the Asian American community failed me.

I’ve even hired dating coaches but needless to say, they didn’t work for me. Not that they were bad coaches. Many of them just taught me tips and techniques, but they couldn’t quite relate to the struggles an Asian man in the Western world faces on a daily basis.

Everything changed when I moved to LA and started studying pick-up at a deeper level as well as female psychology. Luckily around the same time I moved to LA, I finally found the right bootcamp for me. Of course, I learnt a lot.

It was life changing. And I’ll be forever grateful I took it because without doing it, I wouldn’t be where I am today. But there were many things I realized I could teach on top of just “How to talk to girls” or “How to escalate” etc.


And one thing led to another.

I started a blog called “The Asian Playboy Blog” which was like Sex In The City, but for Asian Men.

I was so surprised at the amount of attention it received. I was so surprised with how many Asian men resonated with my story and wanted to follow in my footsteps. In fact, it went beyond just Asian men.

It was a Chinese Canadian MOTHER who wanted me to help out her teenage son.

You see, he had been harassed by neo-Nazis and had stopped making friends and refused to date. And so I told this concerned mother, “Ma’am, for three days and three nights, I’ll be the big brother he never had.”

I’ve had other incredible highlights to my career of dating coach for Asian men began and here’s what I achieved from 2008 (a few years after I first started to teach dating) until now:

In 2013. I was asked to officiate the wedding of my own client who I had taken from a frustrated 30 something Wall Street bro who was about to pack up and move back to Taiwan because he couldn’t find anyone to date, to becoming one of the most confident, alpha Asian men and now a happily married family man with a gorgeous wife and two beautiful children.


In May 2011, I was featured on the front page of New York Magazine about Asian Americans leading the fight against the bamboo ceiling that was holding Asian Americans down.

In February of 2012, I spoke about various cultural issues Asian men face and why I decided to teach my holistic style of pickup and dating coaching Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania, as well as Harvard University, Yale University, and other Ivy League colleges.

In Spring of 2012, I was on the cover of NU Asian Magazine and also featured in Verge magazine, talking about my journey from being an aerospace engineer to a pick-up artist.

The following year, after many years of being in the dating industry and developing my own holistic coaching system called the ABCs Of Attraction, I was named by Resonate as the World’s #1 Asian Dating Coach.

It soon followed that numerous other dating and pickup conventions, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and New York, would vote me as USA’s #1 Asian Dating Coach.

And even at Sydney, Australia’s MasterClass I would be voted as the World’s Greatest Asian Dating Coach.


I was profiled by Playboy Magazine on how men of different nationalities learn masculinity.

And in 2020, I was featured in BBC as a dating coach and in the Stanford Daily.

Now look, I’m not listing my achievements to showboat. But rather to show you anything is possible, as cheesy as it may sound. If I can seemingly have nothing go for me early in my dating career, overcome all those odds and achieve what many might think is impossible, then you can as well.

If I, a short, unattractive, nerdy Asian guy can be successful at dating tall, beautiful women regardless of race, THEN YOU CAN TOO!

But you have to want it.      You have to work for it.

And you have to break through limiting beliefs that are potentially holding you back, and you have to feel uncomfortable at times to achieve this.

But those who conquer all of this will be able to get almost any girl they want, the type of girls who are smart, have amazing personalities and the kind of beauty that stops the hearts of weaker mortals.

And you’ll be able to attract them consistently, while the rest of humanity will have to settle for any relationship that will come their way because they are ignorant, less evolved, less developed, and don’t know that the power is literally at their fingertips… like you do right now.

So the choice is yours. Do you want to be like everyone else? Or do you want to be the man who can attract any woman you want?

If you chose to be a Man Of Destiny, then fill out my Coaching Application and be prepared to finally become the Main Character of your own heroic story and journey.


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