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Hieu Le
Hieu Le
This company is unique in the dating coach industry as they don't teach you to get better at dating by using routines and other canned lines, they teach you to improve your dating by helping you build the foundations to be a better MAN. I had a lot of confidence issues when it came to women and applying what I learned there helped me to become a guy that's more attractive to women because I'm confident being the best version of myself. I HIGHLY recommend the program because it was personally so helpful to me and I hope that you decide to go with ABC's over other less ethical coaches
J Lam
J Lam
If you are an Asian who would like to improve yourself in relationships, ABCs of Attraction has your answer. I came from reading and using MM material - the first to ever put relationships in formula, and, granted, I have been getting result while I am in Asian community but I had trouble when I moved to the US. Then I found ABCs of Attraction and JT, and one thing they said really got me: We are in a community that makes people believe Asian men are not sexually desirable, what works on a 6-foot tall good looking white doesn't necessarily work on a 5 foot something Asian guy. But before I took the bootcamp, I still had doubt - I avoided reading any of the online/video reviews (coming from a business background, I knew those could be easily faked) but instead, I watched all their in-field video and free lectures online. I looked at whether they were themselves applying what they taught and I personally went out there and applied those theories and techniques myself. Result? I became a guy desirable even by non-Asian women. I signed up for the bootcamp that night. During the bootcamp, I have women saying "noooo" when I leave her (and we just met not too long ago), I have women spending a long time telling me how much she enjoyed my company, I have women kissing me without me even trying. Most important of all? I am a better Asian man. I am adding value to whoever I am with and they enjoy my company. To me, relationship isn't about using the best techniques to seduce the most numbers of women to bed. To me, relationship is living and presenting my best self so that the other person will fall in love and build a deep connection with me. As an Asian with a decent job and life, I am good at living my best self; but JT and Daniel Hyun (btw, best dating coach I could ever ask for, always pushing me to perform at my limit) from ABCs Attraction showed me how to present myself. To my Asian brothers out there doubling yourself: Do you know we are on average the richest ethnic group by household in US? We live a good life, now come and learn how to present it.
nps lbj
nps lbj
Brilliant and insightful - Enjoyed It Thoroughly... I recently took the San Diego workshop under Jeff Khan, and have to say....WOW. The workshop generates so much wonder over a weekend that it makes every other dating/attraction book feel diminutive in comparison. Jeff Khan delivers a staggering performance, and really gave some original and insightful techniques on approaching women and understanding the emotional construct behind approaching and dating in today's world, along with great practice drills during the day and night. To give away anything deeper would rob you of some of the unbounded awe ABCs can provide you, so I will stop there. I like to think I am decent/avg looking guy, and feel comfortable talking to most girls, but had anxiety/approach issues. After the workshop, I feel absolutely comfortable approaching any girl in a club, mall or cafe. It has been just a couple of days, but recently went to a meetup event and collected 10 phone numbers of great girls and some new wingmen and awesome friends. I will follow up with another review in 6 months, but if you feel your approach to women and dating are plateu-ing, I highly recommend you take ABCs' workshop/bootcamps with JT or Jeff.
Alice Zindagi
Alice Zindagi
Two years ago, I would have been absolutely disgusted by anyone in the PUA industry. I had seen JT's posts online and allowed my friends to feed me their preconceived notions about him. I'm not proud to admit to this. But one day one of my friends let it slip that he had been a student of JT's and it made me realize that I was judging JT and his crew without actually knowing anything about them. My friend wasn't a total ass and wasn't skeezy, which is what I would have expected if my preconceived notions held true. I started talking to more of his students and to JT himself, and we quickly became good friends. I've even ended up in charge of a Facebook group or two for him and I contribute to his online magazine, so I jumped at the chance when he asked me to be a wingwoman for his Las Vegas bootcamp this past weekend. I saw it as the chance to see the man in action and to see for myself if my friends were right about him. Boy were they wrong. Getting to watch the guys in class was an awesome experience. I won't delve into too many details and reveal JT's teaching strategy, but suffice it to say that the man is teaching his boys skills that can be applied to far more than just picking up women. It's more of a life-skills class. Far too often guys who have trouble interacting with women have trouble in other areas of their social life as well, but JT's classes teach the guys how to take themselves more seriously and get others to follow suit. As a woman, I can assure you that everything he taught his guys was spot-on. I was nodding in agreement throughout the entire class. When he needed to demonstrate something, JT would bring us wingwomen to the front of the class and would show the guys how to interact with a real, live woman. It's not all just theory, the guys got to actually SEE it. The best part of the classes, for me, was having the opportunity to speak to these guys from a woman's perspective. It reaffirmed for the guys that JT wasn't just throwing a bunch of made-up things out there, that what he says is 100% true. The particular bootcamp I helped out with was entirely made up of Asian guys, and I could almost feel the collective sigh of relief as I assured them that yes, real women out there can, will, and do desire them. The field was, if anything, even better. I was offered the opportunity to watch these guys in action and to let them know where they were and were not hitting their targets. It's one thing for JT and his instructors to tell the guys how to interact with a woman; it's an entirely different ball game for JT to bring along women who can use a woman's perspective to reaffirm and reassure in the field. I felt like a mama bear walking around from student to student, observing at a distance, and watching their progress. By the end of the experience, I had to question myself why some of these guys had ever had trouble interacting with women in the first place, their progress was that good. I wish that JT held Vegas bootcamps every weekend. I would gladly spend every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, every single week, helping out. For that matter, I would gladly DATE one of JT's graduates, they're awesome guys who just needed a little help figuring out where they were stumbling. Left and right his boys are getting girlfriends, getting engaged, and getting married... you cannot boast such successes unless you actually know how to teach ALL of the details of the art of interacting with women. Other PUAs don't understand that concept, but that's why JT remains the best in his field.
Keben Wong
Keben Wong
If you're thinking about doing this. . you should just do it. That's what I did. And I'm so happy I did. Sure you can read online articles and PDFs and watch YouTube videos but that's a passive way of learning. And sure you can attempt to go out on your own and learn by trial and error. That's what I tried to do at first but I couldn't get out of my head and I wasted a lot of time and money. I took JTs bootcamp this weekend and had an awesome and fun experience. I feel like I really needed someone to guide me in the right direction in this game. Kind of like learning to ride a bicycle, everyone has someone, a brother or uncle who helped push you down the hill until you could pedal away on your own! There's definitely a lot of awesome outer game material that I learned. But the real value this weekend was what I learned during the infield portion. During the infield portion, I experience several aha moments that completely changed my inner game, specifically my inner belief system of what I was capable of. I was able to crash through my self-built walls of limiting beliefs and now I feel I am ready for real change and transformation. I was coached by JT, Sebastian, & Katie and the three of them really created an awesome, fun, & safe family atmosphere that made it easy to learn and practice. Highly recommend.
danny kim
danny kim
ABCs of attraction. I had my doubts. I was hesistant. I booked it couple months before I actually was going to take it. I did not know what to expect. There were other programs out there. I had questions that filled my head.... But here is the thing, I knew I was going to get something out of it. It was a huge investment. But investment in yourself is priceless. My passion to improve Asian male masculinity. That attracted me to JT. I believe God or the universe brought the abcs of attraction to me. It was my job to take the opportunity. However, I had my doubts still until I saw Sebastian (one of the instructors) results and I was like that is what I want. So...this past weekend, 2 days before my birthday, I changed my life. I already have taken 2 bootcamps to improve my dating lifestyle. And honestly, inner game wise, JT's bootcamp had the biggest impact. All bootcamps teach you tactics and JT's was very in depth. A lot of information. But here is the thing, as an ASIAN male, you have to accept and own it. JT helps you overcome your limiting beliefs or start that journey. He has all the tactics but he is brutally honest with you. Its going to be hard. Real hard. You have to have the inner fire and desire to change. Accept that as an Asian Brother you will go through harder challenges that your other Caucasian bros. and it is okay. Because it is going to be worth it so much more. JT knows that there is a chance that in his lifetime, the Asian Male image may not change. Yet he still grinds and goes through brutal 3 days to help his Asian brothers out. And that is why, Asian Males especially need to take this bootcamp. Because he believes in you. He believes in you stepping up to help a bigger cause. I do have to speak about the other instructors real quick. Kate, the best wing girl, ever is the positive affirmative instructor of the three. JT and Sebastian will push you to the limit and Kate will be there to pick you up when you fall down. Also, her story is amazing. If you have time during bootcamp, talk to her and ask her about her story. It will inspire you. Sebastian, the instructor who inspired me to commit to the bootcamp. His story will blow you away. His results speak for himself but know this he worked so hard to get there. Worked so HARD. Don't judge his results like he was a natural or something. He put in the work after JT bootcamp to get the results he is getting. Before I end the review, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for telling me that my journey to become one of the symbols of Asian masculinity is going to be hard. Thank you for saying that I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone every day. But thank you for speeding that process up and the hope that others have done it before me. ABCs of attraction, JT, Kate, and Sebastian, thank you.

Tornado, LA

"Awesome exercise on voice, tonality, facial expression, story telling Coming up with Natural opener"

Texas123, Dallas

"Taking the bootcamp opened my eyes to what is possible and equipped me with some tools that I could start to use on my own right away. I could easily envision many of the skills I gained from the bootcamp spilling over into other areas of my life in a positive way over time. Overall, I highly recommend the bootcamp for men at any level in their pickup skills, but especially for those that need that extra push when it comes to approaching women."

Taroadun, Chicago

"The thing that I liked the most about the bootcamp was that Ben and JT genuinely cared about the students. You could tell that JT would get really excited when one of us achieved one of our goals, and he would get upset when we failed to meet his expectations. Ben is one of the nicest guys I have met, and a really great field instructor. They teach not just for money but also to help other guys struggle through what they themselves struggled through in the past."

Sooner, Dallas

"This bootcamp made me more confident with approaching. Three days with Kevin and Johnny were worth more than i have ever learned since I came to the States. I would recommend everyone to take this bootcamp, especially if you need somebody to push you into the field."

Shazam, LA

"JT is your big brother, or more likely a father figure. He is the best man for you to help you bring out your inner Asian alpha male. Everything he says or does projects charisma, authority, and sincerity."

Sharp, Dallas

"Best money I ever spent! I learned a lot about confidence, correcting my body language, and projection. All the instructors are all cool as hell. APB was tough, but only because he wants us to get better. I wouldn't have him any other way. LC and Steve are cool as hell, in the field they are relaxed. Their like lions, their just chill, but when they go in they go for the kill. Groove is awesome, he helped me a lot in the field, and I got to know him while we talked. Lee is a sweetheart, she is gorgeous, and a great person."


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