• Understanding the benefits of being Asian
  • Overcoming racial insecurities and mindset + limiting beliefs
  • Shifting your paradigm
  • Developing a positive glass half full mindset Overcoming fear and develop a carefree mindset

Body Language

  • Body Posture | Eye Contact | Hand Movements | Feet | Legs | Arms |Standing | Sitting | Voice | Smile
  • Subtle signs that a girl is into you

Dating Apps

  • Introduction to Online Dating (multiply your options)
  • Online dating vs real life
  • Perfect Pictures Hack |Perfect Bios |Opening Message
  • Stand out from the rest of the guys Getting girls to message first

Next Dates

  • How to get a second date
  • What to text
  • Second date ideas
  • Red flags
  • How to know she’s good for a long-term relationship
  • Filtering out quality people to potentially get into a relationship with


  • Health and fitness
  • Presentation-putting your best foot forward Good looking vs. looking good
  • Hair | Facial Hair + eyebrows | nose hair | Body Hair | Nails | Skin | Lips | Teeth | Shirts | Pants | Shoes/socks | Scent | Accessories


  • Overcoming Social Anxiety and eliminating awkwardness
  • How to be the best version of yourself
  • Self evaluation (present self vs future self) Goal planning
  • Understanding self-worth


  • How to turn a number to a date
  • What to say to keep the conversation interesting
  • How to escalate sexually over text
  • Crazy hack to resurrect dead conversations
  • No more getting ghosted

Relationship Building
and Maintenance

  • When to make it official
  • How to keep your partner interested
  • 5 love languages
  • Keep things exciting in the bedroom
  • How to surprise your partner
  • Communicating on an emotional level
  • Conflict Resolution

Goal Setting and Visualizations

  • Creating goal-orientated affirmations and practicing visualization exercises

Approach Anxiety

  • What girls want in a guy
  • How to approach girls
  • How to start a conversation
  • What to say to her to induce interest
  • How to get her number | How to end the conversation
  • Secrets facts about Beautiful vs. Average girls

The Date

  • How to ask a girl on a date | What to wear
  • Where to go for your first date
  • When is the best time for your first date
  • What to say on a date (questions to ask to make the conversations flow)
  • What to talk about to escalate attraction Building rapport vs being a pushover
  • When to make the move
  • The perfect irresistible kiss/kisses


  • Re-evaluating goals and targets
  • Managing results and expectations
  • Planning for the future


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