Dating For Asian Men: The Ultimate Guide To Dating Women in 2022

Dating For Asian Men: The Ultimate Guide To Dating Women in 2022

If you’re like most Asian-American men, you’re probably searching for answers on how to date as an Asian guy. You’re probably wondering if you’re worthy of dating other Asian women. Let alone other races like White women. Latinas. Blacks. Etc. and be in interracial relationships.

If you’re on this blog, congratulations! You’re one of the very few men in this world who wants to do better with women. You’re one of the few men who isn’t willing to settle in an average relationship with someone you’re not truly attracted to, like most people. (Mostly Asian men). And you’ve come to the right place because over here, you’ll learn many key topics such as how to date women. How to talk to women. How to attract them.

And this blog is especially catered to Asian-American men, on how to overcome all those nasty stereotypes almost all women have of us. As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, in America, Asian men were seen as the least desirable men out of all the races. Afterall, women collectively were 60% less likely to respond positively to Asian men than men of their own race.

But again, if you’re like many Asian-American men and have those types of thoughts, you’ve come to the right place because I’m regarded as the #1 dating coach for Asian men in the world. I’ve helped thousands of men (mostly Asian but also many other cultural backgrounds) not only attract, but date and many times marry the woman of their dreams. 

The challenges of Asian males dating in the Western world faces:

See, Asian-American men face a lot more dating problems than your typical White or Black man. Even though Asian men on average earn 117% of what White men earned, (is that really any surprise since most Asian men you know are probably in accounting, engineering, medicine, and all the high paying jobs?) they’re getting emasculated in all sorts of ways.

Asian-American men are constantly being bombarded by the media, telling them how they’re nerdy, lack confidence, and speak broken english. Many times it’s extremely obvious as they might flat-out just say “I don’t find Asian men attractive.” Other times it’s much more subtle. Like how movies never assign lead roles to Asian men but instead, put them as the nerd burying his head in a math textbook. Many Asian-American men also experience discrimination in real life on a regular basis. (Such as being called ‘ching-chong’ or ‘Bruce Lee’ or ‘China man’). And when COVID first broke out, discrimination towards Asians went to a whole new level. Many Asian-Americans were even physically attacked if they just left the house.

So understandably if you’re like most Asian men you probably think you don’t deserve to date high-quality women. Because chances are, not only have you bought into what’s portrayed on TV and the media. But women are also doing the same thing and rejecting Asian men at alarming rates. See, more than 90% of non-Asian women excluded Asian men when asked about their racial preferences. And it’s not only non-Asian who are rejecting men. Asian women are starting to do the same. 

Unlike Asian men who are constantly ridiculed, Asian women are fetishzised and have more options than ever. They’re even refusing to date their own race. In fact, 40% of Asian women stated they would not date an Asian man, as opposed to 10% of Asian men or less, stating they would not date an Asian woman.

Let’s not go into online dating because this is a whole other topic where Asian men have almost NO success. It’s like no one likes Asian guys. It’s like Asian guys can’t have a dating life.

Understanding Asian stereotypes:

Now you might be thinking a few things like “Why are Asian-American men so unattractive?” Or “What are the stereotypes that cause women to draw those conclusions?” And most importantly, “Can this be rectified?”

Of course they can be rectified. And in later articles or in my bootcamp, I’ll go over how to overcome them. But for now, you just need to recognize what the stereotypes are. You have to understand, there are 6 reasons why no one likes dating Asian males (supposedly). Especially for Asian-American men:

  • Generally shorter than the average White or Black man
  • Smaller ‘package’ in general than the average White or Black man (unfortunately this is true)
  • Portrayed and mocked in the media for being weak, nerdy and effeminate
  • Unable to speak english or have a very thick Asian accent which is also mocked and ridiculed in media
  • Lacking confidence and don’t initiate the first move like striking up a conversation or initiating eye-contact with women they’re attracted to
  • Overly academic

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s the most common. In the upcoming articles, I’ll elaborate more on why those traits are unattractive in Asian men and how to fix it. 

How to succeed with women as an Asian man: 

Get Immediate Results With The Top Asian Dating Coach

Get Immediate Results With The Top Asian Dating Coach

For now, just understand that yes. Unfortunately, some of those on the list like height and package size are genetic and cannot be changed. Some things like the media trying to emasculate us because they saw Asian men as a threat to stealing white American’s jobs and women – while putting Asian women on a pedestal cannot be changed. Some things like women unfortunately buying into all of this and leaving Asian men to be twice as likely to be single than Asian women (35% vs 18%) cannot be changed.

However, there are plenty of things Asian men can do to shift their paradigm. That can make them more likely to be in interracial relationships (If they desire. Although we teach all of our students to date interracially at least once). That can make them more attractive to not just Asian women. But American women. Latinas. Or Black women. Whatever their preference is.

It’s such a shame so many Asian men think “That’s just the way things are. We’re just not attractive” and don’t date the women they truly want. Many might really want to be in interracial relationships. Or even date within their own race. But they end up either settling for someone they’re not truly attracted to. Or even worse not dating at all.

Just because so many Asian men fall into this trap, doesn’t mean you have to either. All you need are the right tools. And a coach guiding you in the right direction, holding you accountable, so you can break through the biggest barriers that hold Asian males back from being able to date successfully. 

Attracting women:

See, women all are universally attracted to the same traits.

Sure, they’re going to be cultural nuances such as White women wanting to be a bit more independent. And Latina women wanting to hang out with their boyfriend a bit more which to an American woman, can seem clingy. Or how Latina women appreciate a much more ‘aggressive’ style of approach such as wanting a man to just go up to her and start kissing her. Which if done to an American woman or an Asian woman, might get you arrested. Or how Asian women want longer term relationships and are much more likely to take into account a man’s financial status. More so than a typical White woman which to her, can seem like the Asian woman only wants the man’s money.

But ALL women are attracted to traits like confidence. The ability to lead. The ability to make her feel certain emotions. 

Talking to women: 

The ability to talk to her in a way that captivates their attention. That makes you stand out from the rest of the guys in her life/friend-zone. The ability to make a conversation fun, deep and meaningful rather than how most guys talk. (Which many times, they might talk about the weather or what they do for work. Etc.). The ability to relate to a woman rather than make the mistake of talking about their mansions, possession, their recent holidays. You get the gist.

Dating women with success as an Asian man:

See, the unfortunate reality is the average Asian guy has a tonne of dating problems. And many women don’t consider dating an Asian guy an option. (At least here in the US where women of all races were 33% less likely to respond affirmatively to Asian men, as opposed to men of other races when asked if they would like to see that person again.) This could also be the case in many other western countries. And as I mentioned above, it’s even harder for Asian males to do online dating.

We not only have to learn the techniques, like what to say to a woman to get her attracted to you.  Or how to meet women etc. But we have to erase everything from our mind (so to speak), and start from square one.

But here’s the thing. If I can do it. If the thousands of students I’ve taught can do it, then so can you. See, I’m regarded as the #1 dating coach for Asian men. I’ve taught Asian male dating for over a decade now. I’ve been featured on many TV shows. I’ve spoken at many universities. And I’ve been featured almost everywhere and have been heavily endorsed for my more holistic  approach to dating, specifically catered to Asian men.

I don’t want to say I’ve done it all. Instead, I let my results do the talking. Ask any of my students and they’ll tell you I transformed their dating life. I gave them all the tools and made sure they applied it on a consistent basis, so that they could have the dating life they always desired. 

They now not only have the power to attract a drop-dead gorgeous woman who gets hit on left right and center. Anywhere. But anytime. On the street. In a bookshop. In a bar. And some have even started online dating and got very proficient at it. But many of my students have gotten married to those types of women, while their friends are in toxic relationships and staying in them out of scarcity.

And they have this skill for life. Meaning if they come across women they don’t connect with, they can just go back out there and apply what I taught them, to continue looking for the right women for them. No harm done.

This is a far cry for most men who have no choice but to settle for someone they don’t really like because they don’t possess the skills to attract women like my students do. Most men, and more commonly Asian men, have no idea what really attracts women. They have no idea how to talk to women. They just think it’s all about what’s on the outside like height. Their body type. The money they make. The job they have. The car they drive or the house they live in. 

I see men all the time talking about this to women and trying to prove themselves, like telling the woman that he just bought a mansion. Or that he bought a Porsche because he got a job promotion etc. That either gets him friendzoned, or it gets him a gold-digger who she can divorce anytime with ease and take a large portion of his hard earned wealth.

The media is again the culprit here and when many men find that they achieve all these things but still don’t attract women (or at least the right type of women), it can make them question themselves. It can make them give up and make all sorts of excuses as to why they can’t attract, date or marry the women they really want.

Learn from an Asian dating coach:

But if you invest in a dating coach. A dating coach who’s been through most of the struggles Asian men face and knows exactly how to overcome them without changing who you are. Without trying to become someone they’re not. (E.g. An Asian man trying to be Black by getting tattoos all over his body and adopting that ‘bad-ass’ attitude. Or an Asian man trying to be White by adopting the mannerisms of a ‘Chad.’). Without being disrespectful to women. It will be the best money you’ll ever spend. 

You won’t just be learning techniques and tricks. You’ll have your entire belief system programmed so that when you apply certain conversation openers or anything like that, it will be natural like how a White/Black man will appear when he knows what to do. And women will be ‘wowed’ by your approach. (Especially American women or non-Asian women in general because it will break all the things she was taught to believe from a young age.)

You’ll know exactly what to do when a woman might say you have a small package. You’ll know exactly what to do to differentiate yourself from all the other Asian men, and break those stereotypes she has of Asian males, within seconds. Most importantly, you’ll be so proud you’re a certain ethnicity and by default, the woman you’re with will buy into it as well.

And on the bootcamp, there will be no nonsense. Unlike so many dating coaches out there who only teach the theoretical side like corny pick-up lines, you’ll be actually doing the approaches. You’ll be approaching women in bars, on the street or really anywhere. And you’ll be doing this both in the daytime and the evening.

You’ll be having me and my exclusively picked dating coaches looking over your shoulder and providing you with feedback. Telling you what you’re doing well. Telling you what you could perhaps improve on. And with each approach, you’ll get better and better. 

Me and my coaches take our students very seriously and we’re not here to tell you what you want to hear. We’re here to give it to you straight. We’re here to help you improve. We’re here to help you destroy all your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from attracting not only Asian women. But White women. American women. Latinas. Black women. Etc. Most importantly, we’re here to make you get a return on your investment 10-fold, and help you attract, date and even marry the woman of your dreams. 

Just because it seems like the odds are stacked against the 10% of Asian men who DO want to date outside their race (as White women rated Asian men 12% less attractive than average. While Asian women rated white men 16% more attractive than average) doesn’t mean you’re confined to dating someone you don’t like. So if you’re like many Asian men and you want to be in the top few % of men in this world who can date any woman you desire, just know you’ll be in good hands here.


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